The Cabin Symphonic

Metallica, Scorpions and The Who already have their own orchestral albums, but what distinct their standard releases from the symphonic albums? The difference lye in new, intriguing acoustic depth. It's filled with power as well as softness and dimension. This is exactly what happened to this 2000’s wood log shack. 
The house is located in south-western Poland. The interior has been through a general rebuild including construction alterations. This mean widening of a communication openings and a full deletion of the living room external wall which have been replaced with full-width sliding window. The good ol' wooden stairs have been replaced with a magnificent hanging one-piece steel design. Some of the original log walls have been covered with various cladding types in a 'cabin' vibe. Living room features a collection of a polish-themed posters by one of the most talented polish illustrators - Ryszard Kaja. Interiors color palette is based on oak and pine tones mixed with black and white elements. The monochromatic wood canvas is painted in a few signature colors - every room has its own color highlight.
Interior composition is enhanced with a palette of high quality materials, textiles and beautiful furniture from scandi superstars as well as custom designed pieces designed for this particular interior. The house vibe is cozy and soft, the natural finishes and composition make the hut even more welcoming, natural and warm. A true contemporary forest dwelling.


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